Paraya: A short review

I (along with three others) was invited by The Sunday Times to write a short review of Paraya, the latest production by the Mind Adventures theatre company. It was published on the Mirror Magazine and you can find it at I’m reproducing my review here. Mind Adventures is one of the few reasons (another being… Continue reading Paraya: A short review

Engaging Youth via New Media: Beyond ‘Clicktivism’

Originally published at In my work with Women and Media Collective (WMC), a leading women’s organization in  Sri Lanka, I have often noticed the lack of engagement with young women (and young men) and also their apparent lack of interest to engage with WMC’s work. Being a young woman myself and often being one of… Continue reading Engaging Youth via New Media: Beyond ‘Clicktivism’

Silent Victims

“Silent Victims” at the entrance to the Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum in Geneva, Switzerland. Felt that this was fitting for the crisis that our country (Sri Lanka) is going through right now, although I wonder how many actually consider it to be a crisis. All Rights Reserved

Morning Puja at Koneswaram

A few months ago we visited Koneswaram just before sunrise, only to find out that we were on time for the morning puja (in fact even the priests arrived after us!). It was a surreal experience, with all the rituals, the sounds of different bells and chants, the colours and the devotees. These are some… Continue reading Morning Puja at Koneswaram