2015 Year in Review: Books

When a fulltime job combined with what could easily be called the best years of television come at you together, reading takes a backseat which is what happened to me from about 2012/13. While my 2015 Goodreads challenge to myself to read 25 books would make my former self hang my head in shame, it was nevertheless looking like a Herculean task at the beginning of the year.

But finally giving into a Kindle (thanks Abeysekera for the final push) and then truly falling for how amazing a gadget it is has resulted in (a) Shopping sprees on the Amazon store and (b) Surpassing my challenge by about 1.5 books.

I read a lot of books by women and/or about women this year. 2015 was also the year I read Teju Cole, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Bell Hooks and Margaret Atwood for the first time (probably a result of resolving to read less South Asian literature for a year). It was also the year that I’ve begun to force myself to read at least two or three non fiction books though I tend to read them at a much slower pace, as opposed to the hundreds of articles and longreads that I read throughout the year.

So excuse me while I indulge myself (as per the paragraphs above) and write a few words about some of the books and authors that stood out from what and whom I’ve read this year.


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