Thriloka and the Contemporary Chamber Orchestra (conducted by Manilal Weerakoon) performed at Thrilogy on Friday the 12th of June at the Bishop’s Auditorium. I don’t have time to write a review and will have to make do with several photographs I took.

But let me just say that only Thriloka themselves would be able to top that brilliant performance. To be objective, the orchestra was out of tune in many places and with the exception of the conductor, their lack of enthusiasm was palpable. And there were some problems with the sound equipment which resulted in occassional feedback from the instruments.

However, it is undeniable that Thriloka currently represents the best of Sri Lankan talent and I’m extremely proud of how they are constantly pushing the limits and how there is definite progression every time they take the stage.

Like so many people said that night, thank you Thriloka, for that experience.

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More photos here.



  1. Oh aint Im glad to say that I was there to witness the superlative performance by Thriloka. They made it an unforgettable night for me with their max (effortless) effort. 🙂

    But I too agree with your critics on the performance of the orchestra. For one second I thought that could be lack of interest and enthusiasm as it’s not ‘their’ concert… (i donno… could be…) if that’s the case, it shows nothing but their lack of professionalism.

    The feedback, yeah!, it was distracting to the concentration, but in some occasions (as im not a professional in music and mixing, this is my humble guess) they tried to produce the feedback as a part. (i dont mind though u laugh at this :P)

    But anyways, it was an extreme experience for the audience and superb effort by Thriloka. They, definitely have a long road to run!

    @Sachini, thanks for sharing the pics.


  2. seriously though, the obvious lack of enthusiasm on the part of the orchestra was such a downer. there was a chap who repeatedly kept cupping his chin and gazing at the ceiling uninterestedly when he wasn’t playing.


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